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Custom Packaging Boxes In The Perfect Wholesale Rates!

Creating a seamless product with perfection to the last drop is a difficult task. However, creating that product and not finding the right packing for it, is more of a bummer indeed. After all, packing is the first impression that your product makes in front of your customers. This is why you always need the most appropriate packaging for your products.

Therefore, TheBoxPackaging is always here as your guardian angel! At TheBoxPackaging, we make sure to provide the most enticing packaging boxes in exquisite designs and shapes. Our custom packaging is suitable for all kinds of products including, CBD, retail, mylar, cosmetic, apparel, vape, hemp, food, and bakery.

With this, we offer exclusive services only for our boxes that make us stand out from the crowd. These include:

We provide all these aforementioned services along with other exclusive discounts and offers as well. As one of the most famous packaging wholesalers, we make sure we provide the best of the best to our customers. Therefore, to get the perfect custom packaging boxes, all you have to do is head straight to From designs that captivate your customers to the ones that take their breath away, we have them all.

Moreover, the boxes that we design are sure to give you the perfect sales turnaround that you want. In order to give you the correct printed boxes, we have an entire strategic process for you to follow.

Place an Order for Custom Boxes with Logo

Our process of placing an order is extremely simple and efficient.

To place your order you must:

Get an Instant Quote:click on the “get instant quote” button and get an instant quote for your order.

Design your boxes: Once you place the order, you can either send us the designs you want for your custom printed boxes, or you can take our expertise from our professional designers. These designers are available 24/7 to give you the best packing options that you need.

In addition to the perfect designs, trendiest color options, and sleekest typography, we also have other offers that complement the designs of these custom printed boxes. Moreover, as premium packaging wholesalers, our designing services do not end here.

We also provide offers that are exceptional in many forms. For example, as the newer trends and styles of designing are introduced, our designers also make sure to take an innovative approach.

Along with this, if you want, you can get seasonal color options for your packaging boxes as well. This implies that whether you want calm and cool colors for summer packaging boxes or dull matte hues for your winter product collection, you can get them all! This, not only gives your product a newer look or gives you good packaging but also goes along with the mood of your customers.

Therefore, we make sure to always give you packaging box designs that are appropriate in all aspects, of packaging and also entice the customers in various ways.

Let’s get it on the box: Now that you have successfully gotten the exact designs you want, leave the rest to us! At TheBoxPackaging, we have the most premium quality printing for all kinds of custom packaging boxes . These printed boxes, go through a series of steps to get the most appropriate prints on them.

In addition, our high-tech machinery provides the perfectly printed coat on these boxes.

Easy shipping:Once your custom packaging boxes are ready to go, our free shipping services come your way! At TheBoxPackaging, we provide free shipping all around the US. This way, once you place the order you won’t have to face any excessive charges for your order.

Moreover, as packaging wholesalers we also make sure to ship these custom-made boxes in the time, we have given you.These are the few steps that you have to follow to get the best along with cheap custom boxes.

Why TheBoxPackaging for all your custom printed boxes?

Getting the right boxes is one thing, but getting the most alluring boxes is another. This exactly is the difference between simple packaging wholesalers and TheBoxPackaging. Not only do we provide good packaging, but we also offer a wide variety of custom packaging products. From rigid boxes, retail boxes, cosmetic boxes, bakery boxes, and food boxes, to CBD Boxes, mylar bags, apparel boxes, and cardboard boxes, we have it all!

Not only this, but we also provide custom product boxes to our customers. This means that if you want a different kind of box for separate products or variations of products, we will provide them to you. These are just a few among the numerous reasons TheBoxPackaging is one of the best packaging wholesalers.

We also Offer Custom Packaging for Small Businesses!

If you are a small business owner and are afraid of whether this place is for you or not, the answer is yes!! TheBoxPackaging is open to any and all kinds of businesses all around the US. Along with providing printed boxes and custom boxes wholesale, we also provide custom packaging for small businesses.

To us, all it matters is if you have a good heart and a knack for creativity and we are good to go. Therefore, whatever the size of your business, TheBoxPackaging is here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it depends on the kind of boxes you choose, on average, the minimum order you can place is for 50 custom packaging boxes or more. Moreover, our box quantity does not change for the custom printed boxes and other packaging materials as well.

However, the quantity may differ for bags and pouches such as mylar bags and CBD pouches.

From the day you finalize your order to the day we deliver it to you, it only takes from 7-10 business days for the entire process. Even for custom boxes with logo, we take the same amount of time. Therefore, as soon as you place your order, our process of making these custom printed boxes starts right away

Moreover, it doesn’t matter what amount of design you want on your custom packaging boxes, our turnaround time is always the same for all custom boxes with logo.

CBD boxes are special boxes that are specifically designed for all kinds of CBD products. We make sure to design these custom packaging boxes with the requirements that a CBD product requires. In addition, we also make sure to keep the temperature of these boxes optimum according to the product’s need.

CBD products are generally made from cannabidiol which is extracted from the marijuana plant. The use of CBD products has increased over time, which is why a variation of products is also present in this category of packaging boxes.

For this particular reason, there is a separate range of boxes to pack these products.

At TheBoxPackaging we provide all forms of custom packaging boxes, including personalized boxes as well. It depends on the size of your order and the kind of box you choose, but we provide a personalization offer for most of our boxes.

Therefore, as soon as you get your quote and get in touch with our designers, you can let them know whether you need customized boxes or personalized ones. After this, they will stay connected with you throughout the designing process so you can easily track your order.

At TheBoxPackaging, all our packaging boxes are shipped flat and pre-assembled in bulk quantity. We also ship all our pouches and bags flat.

As soon as you place an order, you will get an instant quote from us. After this, these packaging boxes are sent to our designers and straight to the printing team afterward. Once the boxes are printed, we as the packaging wholesalers assemble them flat and ship them to our customers.

All our customized packaging boxes are in wholesale quantity. This way, we also ensure you get cheap custom boxes and in bulk quantity.

Moreover, the average quantity of our boxes starts from 50+ plus. However, it differs depending on the kind of boxes. The quantity of our wholesale products also depends if you are getting bags or pouches.

In addition, even if you get customization, we are the packaging wholesalers that always provide wholesale quantities for any box type.

When you put an order and get our design support service, you can either get help from our designers or share your own designs of your custom printed boxes with us. Whatever designs you use, as packaging wholesalers, we make sure to print them exactly according to your requirements for these custom box packaging.

For all kinds of boxes, we have the same payment methods. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express.

As packaging wholesalers, our payment process is immensely discreet, once you clear all your confusion from our chat support and place an order, you will get an instant quote. Just as you get the quote and be satisfied with our rates, only then will you go through the payment process from us.

Yes, we provide custom packaging for all kinds of businesses whether big or small. We make sure to keep no discrimination among our customers. Therefore, whatever the size of your order or company, we as the packaging wholesalers will provide custom packaging for you.

All you have to do is place an order, get an instant quote and go through our standard process of designing and shipping to get your order of printed boxes. As packaging wholesalers, for us, customer satisfaction is way more important than the size of the business we are working with.

Placing an order at TheBoxPackaging is extremely simple. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Fill in the required information on the “Get a Free Instant Quote” box on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, click the get quote button and your quote will be submitted.
  • Send us the design for your box or get in touch with our designers to get a design according to your requirements.
  • Approve the final design for the boxes.
  • Once we confirm the payment, your order will be transferred to production and will be shipped at the provided time.

That’s it! With these 5 easy steps, you can get the perfect custom-made boxes.

You can process your order in easy 4 steps.
  • Submit your quote request
  • Upload your artwork or email us
  • Approval of digital proof
  • Once the payment is confirmed your order will be transferred to production
Jhon Edson

I just placed my first order with The Box Packaging. It was an amazing experience overall! Not only was their service so good, but the entire team is also so professional and helpful. My order was a little extra than the usual options, yet they delivered it on time. I will definitely work with their team again! Thank you The Box Packaging!

Adam Watson

We placed our order last month and had the experience of a lifetime! The Box Packaging’s service is top-notch. They not only delivered our order on time, but their service was also exceptional. All the boxes were intact and fine till delivered to us. They even sent some extra in case they were ruined! I’m glad I placed my order with them.


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